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i see a lot of people spending time thinking about “who tops” in their otp when they should be thinking about

  • who quotes twilight at the other person
  • who appreciates cat videos more
  • who spent a hellish summer working in the worst gamestop you can imagine
  • who lets the other person win in ticklefights
  • who chews on their pencil
  • who’s the person who accidentally thinks of their grandparents one time while they’re making out and kills the mood

Hand jobs and blow jobs are called jobs because they’re tedious and dicks are gross. Going down on a girl is called eating out because it’s a privilege.


overhearing a conversation between strangers in which they’re saying something completely wrong and you really feel like correcting them


Me before Captain America…

Have some space backgrounds! Resolution: 700x1050px (which should be large enough for most phones)

All images from NASA’s Hubble website (x) and edited by me



·what i love about this isn’t that she hits him ·or that she catches him off guard and manages to defend herself or any of that ·what i really love about this is that it would be so easy ·to play this scene as funny ·because we know that buffy has inhuman strength and that this guy’s gonna get his butt handed to him ·and that could be funny ·and completely ruin the seriousness of the fact that he’s trying to rape her ·he clearly doesn’t see it that way ·but obviously from his actions he’s not overly concerned with what she wants so ·but anyway if you look at her face in the last one ·that isn’t a triumphant ‘haha you thought i was a weak girl when really i can beat you up’ ·that’s a ‘you sicken me because if it were anyone else with you in this car what would you have done to her?’ ·and because it’s buffy ·who’s used to defending herself against much stronger people ·of course she’s able to fight back·but really ·if it had been anyone else ·even someone like cordelia ·how would that have turned out? ·and that’s the expression i read on her face here ·she’s looking at him and thinking about what he would have done to some other girl ·and i just·love this show ·okay ·strong like an amazon

in coincidence with your comments, when she says it’s not me i’m worried about, i feel like she isn’t talking about him, she’s talking about other girls that might fall for him and other people like him. She’s worried about them.



this is one of the best vines i’ve seen in the last while


theswordskissed asked: Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.

1: who would win in a fight? Steve. He’d lap Sam a couple times for good measure. ;)

2: better roommate? Sam. I imagine Steve is very neat and kind but I bet I hate all his music and his tendency to rise early. Sam, on the other hand, has excellent taste and I would distract him when his bed seems too soft mmmm

3: better in bed? Sam. More practice. ;)

4: who I’d pick to be my presidential running mate: Steve. He’s Captain America. No question. I mean, especially since as a Canadian I can’t become president…

5: whose shoulder I’d cry on: Sam. I would feel like a wimp if I went to Steve with my emotional problems. Everyone he knew is dead (or brainwashed or senile ughhhh).

6: who would make a better parent? Hmmm hard one. Gonna go with Sam. He’d be fun but also I bet he’d lay a beat down on a rowdy child if needed, but never crossing the line. Also hot dad yeahhh and he would make such good dad jokes. Steve’s jokes are so fucking dry. Or old man like.

7: who I’d rather date: in march I would have said Steve. Now that Cap 2 has happened, it’s Sam all the way. And since they’re friends I could get the added bonus of observing Steve’s hotness while touching SAMs hotness. Aw yiss.


 empty stomach

hey lets play how hot is that celebrity

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY


Sailor Moon Avengers »> Jei Shepard


How to train your assassin by Milady666




Whatever you guys do, just please be safe :*


you can find this on my tagged/wizardmickeyls for future reference.. this is so damn important. 

as someone who works a safety team at events I can promise you this is accurate and incredibly useful! Honesty is truly the best policy with this stuff when things go south



It just keeps…… getting. …. better

Send me two characters and I’ll tell you:


  1. Who would win in a fight
  2. Who would be a better roommate
  3. Who’s better in bed
  4. Who I’d pick to be my presidential running mate
  5. Whose shoulder I’d cry on
  6. Who would make a better parent
  7. Who I’d rather date





chris control your goddamn face you have just gone through an extremely painful super-serum transformation you did not just have the diddly doo orgasm

…actually, at this point, Steve’s just now experiencing the sudden absence of both recent extreme pain and long-term low level pain.  He’s probably so high on endorphins that the expression is completely accurate.

Also, he was asthmatic. This is the first time in twenty years that his lungs work. Ever had an oxygen high?

Might not be an O-face folks, but homeboys high as a kite.